Rapid Deployment Articulating Hinged Tilt Fold Down Poles.

  • Rapid Deployment Hinged Articulating Tower Poles suggested uses, supports & applications:
    • Cameras for: security, production floor observation, warehouse inventory, weather observation.
    • Illumination lighting at: parking lots, schools, rest areas, city streets, airports, ski hill slopes.
    • Antennas for: broadcast, PTC, SCADA, wireless internet, point to point microwave.
    • Rooftop & ground mounted mounted heli-port wind direction socks & assoc equipment.
    • Meteorological MET instruments, environmental weather research stations.
    • Wind turbine generators.
    • Flags, banners & signage displays.
    • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.
    • Scientific research test monitor devices requiring elevated locations.
    • Civil Defense warning sirens & public address loud speakers.
    • Traffic control signals, warnings & flashing lights.
    • Aircraft warning lights, obstruction lighting, lead in & runway lighting.
  • Benefits:
    • One person cable winch operation to silently raise or lower the tower/pole.
    • Lockable with padlock, vandal resistant & not climbable.
    • No tower climber, bucket truck or specialty contractor needed to gain access to pole top.
    • Hot dip galvanizing coating of the tower pole is standard.
    • Limits personnel activity exposure when raising or lowering pole in high risk areas.
    • Feed cables routed inside the bullet resistant pole & no need to disconnect cabling when hinging the pole.
    • Use of our Ballast “tower-skid base” for rapid site deployment by filling our ballast pan with rock or concrete.
      Drawings / Documents / Prices
Folding Hinged Poles Part Numbers, heights & weights.Hinged folding poles unit price. MSRP.Hinged folding poles foundation designs with engineering analysis.Hinged folding poles base section drawings.Hinged folding pole overall structure drawings.Photographs of our hinged folding pole applications.
FHP-20' tall overall. 20' mast + 4' top pipe. Shipping weight 375 lbs.w/out pallet$1,833.00. plus tax & shipping.Designed for up to 12 square feet antenna surface EPA @ 90mph wind.Pole Hinge is 6' above ground level.20' Hinged Folding Pole
FHP-34' tall overall. 30' mast + 4' tall top pipe. Shipping weight approx 440 lbs.w/out pallet$2,355.00. plus tax & shipping.34' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundations
Pole Hinge is 10' above ground.
FHP-WT38' square tube mast with 8' of 4" OD pipe to support a Kestrel Wind Turbine 13′ diameter blades$5,650.00. plus tax & shipping.Pole Hinge is 15' above ground level.

Wind Generator on Hinged Pole

FHP-44' tall overall. 40' main mast + 4' top pipe.$3,057.00. plus tax & shipping.
860 lbs pole assy.
60 lbs anchor bolt welded cluster.
44' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundation

Pole hinge is 15' above ground level.
FHP-CDS50' .designed for Civil Defense Sirens.$5,190.00. plus tax & shipping.Pole hinge is 15' above ground level.
FHP-54' overall height. 50' main mast + 4' top pipe.$3,951.00. plus tax & shipping.54' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundations
Pole Hinge is 15' above ground level.
FHP-60' overall height. 50' main mast + 10' top pipe.$4,403.00. plus tax & shipping.60' Hinged Pole Engineering & FoundationsPole Hinge is 15' above ground level.src="http://gptowers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/2013-11-14Great-Plains-Tower-5-300x225.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1358" />

Features & Options of our heavy duty hinged poles:
* Withstands winds up to & in excess of 130 mph.
* Vertical load tested to 5,000 lbs
* Side pull tested to 1,000 lbs at 20′ elevation.
* Tower pole mast manufactured with high strength steel.
* Hot dip galvanizing coating is standard. Painted finishes available at additional cost.
* The use of a drill or hand crank operated cable winch to hinge the tower pole up & down.
* NEMA cabinet mounting bolt holes available option.
* Internal cable guide at articulating hinge area to resist internal cable pinching.
* Lightning rod or lightning dissipators available as an option.
* Precast foundations are available option.
* Heavy duty zero-maintenance hinge.
* Lockable tamper resistant structure.
* Anchor 4 bolt cluster is one piece all-welded for simple foundation installations. No foundation template necessary.
* Rodent resistant screen in base plate available.
* Feedline weight support tab inside pole pipe top available.
* Unclimbable structure, thus not an “attractive nuisance”.
* Reduced visual attention to this slender pole, compared to lattice type structures.
* Custom tower pole dimension design requests are welcome.
* Weather resistant black flexible cable winch cover reduces snow, rain, soil & UV exposure.
*  Poles can be mounted onto trailers or framework of modular shelters, bungaloes & Conex shipping containers.