Tip Articulating Hinged Tilt Break-Over Poles.

  • Rapid Deployment Hinged Articulating Tower Poles suggested uses, supports & applications:
    • Cameras for: security, production floor observation, warehouse inventory, weather observation.
    • Illumination lighting at: parking lots, schools, rest areas, city streets, airports, ski hill slopes.
    • Antennas for: broadcast, PTC, SCADA, internet, microwave, LACT’s, PODs,
    • Rooftop & ground mounted mounted heli-port wind direction socks & assoc equipment.
    • Meteorological MET instruments, environmental weather research stations.
    • Wind turbine generators.
    • Flags, banners & signage displays.
    • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.
    • Scientific research test monitor devices requiring elevated locations.
    • Civil Defense warning sirens & public address loud speakers.
    • Traffic control signals, warnings & flashing lights.
    • Aircraft rotating beacon warning lights, obstruction lighting, runway lighting.
  • Benefits:
    • One person cable winch operation to silently raise or lower the tower/pole.
    • Lockable with padlock, vandal resistant & not climbable.
    • No tower climber, bucket truck or specialty contractor needed to gain access to pole top.
    • Hot dip galvanizing coating of the tower pole is standard.
    • Limits personnel activity exposure when raising or lowering pole in high risk areas.
    • Feed cables routed inside the bullet resistant pole & no need to disconnect cabling when hinging the pole.
    • Our Ballast base trays are for rapid site deployment by filling our ballast tray with rock or concrete.
      Drawings / Documents / Prices
*Middle Hinged + Base Hinged "Zero Clearance" Pole kits.
* Part Numbers
* Heights
* Weights.
* Special or custom notes.
Hinged folding poles unit price. MSRP.Hinged folding poles foundation designs with engineering analysis.Hinged folding poles base section drawings.Hinged folding pole overall structure drawings.Photographs of our Hinged folding pole applications.
*GPT/MHP-24'LD w 4"sq mast pole kit.
*20' mast + 4' top pipe.
* Shipping weight 375 lbs.w/out a pallet
$1,833.00. plus tax & shipping.Designed for 10 FT/2 optimized EPA antenna surface @ 90mph wind.Pole Hinge is 6' above ground.20' Hinged Folding Pole

24' tall mid hinged pole w 4" square mast

*GPT/MHP-34'LD w 4" sq mast pole kit.
*30' mast + 4' tall top pipe.
* 440 lbs w/out a pallet
* Includes 4 welded base anchor bolt assy & cable winch assy.
$2,355.00. plus tax & shipping.34 ft MHP cover sheet6 FT/2 optimized EPA loading 34 ft MHP foundation install detail34 ft HingedPole PE Engineering w FoundationsPole Hinge is 10' above ground.
34 ft MHP overall with foundation detail
*Wind Turbine support
* 30' mast + 8' top pipe.
* Supports a Kestrel Wind Turbine with 13′ dia.blades.
$5,650.00. plus tax & shipping.Pole Hinge is 15' above ground.

Wind Generator on Hinged Pole

*GPT/MHP-44'LD w 5" sq tube pole kit.
*40' mast + 4' top pipe.
* Shipping weight; 860 lbs. *Includes the all welded anchor base bolts assy & cable winch assy.
$3,057.00. plus tax & shipping.
44 ft MHP cover sheet
44' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundation
5 FT/2 optimized antenna EPA loading

Pole hinge is 15' above ground level.
44 ft MHP overall mid-hinged pole w foundation design

Anchor base bolts all welded cluster photo

*Civil Defense Siren support pole.
$5,190.00. plus tax & shipping.Pole hinge is 15' above ground.
*GPT/MHP-54'LD w 6" sq tube mast pole kit.
*50' main mast + 4' top pipe.
*Includes the all welded anchor base bolt cluster & cable winch assy.
$3,951.00. plus tax & shipping.54 ft MHP cover sheet54' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundations
4 FT/2 optimized antenna load54 ft MHP base section w foundation detail

Pole Hinge is 15' above ground level.
54 ft MHP overall w foundation detail
*GPT/MHP-60'LD w 6" sq tube mast pole kit.
*50' main mast + 10' top pipe.
*Includes the all welded anchor base bolts & the cable winch assy.
$4,403.00. plus tax & shipping.60' Hinged Pole Engineering & Foundations
3 FT/2 optimized EPA antenna loading
Pole Hinge is 15' above ground.src="http://gptowers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/2013-11-14Great-Plains-Tower-5-300x225.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1358" />
*GPT/BHP-24'HD w 6" sq tube mast pole kit.
*20' main mast + 4' top pipe.
*Base Hinged "Zero Clearance" pole assembly kit.
$3,620.00 plus tax & shipping.

60 Ft/2 optimized EPA loadGPT-BHP-01
*GPT/BHP-34'HDw 6" sq tube mast.
*30' main mast + 4' top pipe.
*Base Hinged "Zero Clearance" pole kit.
* 1,490lbs w/out a pallet 1,490lbs
$5,989.00 plus tax & shipping.50 Ft/2 optimized EPA load
34' Base Hinged Pole. RISA structural engineering study & analysis
*GPT/BHP-44'HDw 8" sq tube mast pole kit.
*40' main mast + 4' top pipe.
*Base Hinged "Zero Clearance" pole kit.
* 2,300 lbs w/out a pallet 2,300lbs
$7,989.00 plus tax & shipping.40 Ft/2 optimized EPA loading.GPT-BHP-01
*GPT/MHP-34'HD w 6" square tube mast pole kit.
*30' mast + 4' top pipe.
* 525 lbs w/out pallet.
*Includes the all welded anchor base bolt assembly & cable winch assy.
$4,849.00. plus tax & shipping.30 ft MHPw6 inch tube mast cover sheet40 Ft/2 optimized spread EPA loading.30 ft MHPw6 inch tube mast detail30 ft MHPw6 inch sqaure mast overall drawing

Features & Options of our heavy duty hinged poles:
* Withstands winds up to & in excess of 130 mph.
* Vertical load tested to 5,000 lbs
* Side pull tested to 1,000 lbs at 20′ elevation.
* Tower pole mast manufactured with high strength steel.
* Hot dip galvanizing coating is standard. Painted finishes available at additional cost.
* The use of a drill or hand crank operated cable winch to hinge the tower pole up & down.
* NEMA cabinet mounting bolt holes available option.
* Internal cable guide at articulating hinge area to resist internal cable pinching.
* Lightning rod or lightning dissipators available as an option.
* Precast foundations are available option.
* Heavy duty zero-maintenance hinge.
* Lockable tamper resistant structure.
* Anchor 4 bolt cluster is one piece all-welded for simple foundation installations. No foundation template necessary.
* Rodent resistant screen in base plate available.
* Feedline weight support tab inside pole pipe top available.
* Unclimbable structure, thus not an “attractive nuisance”.
* Reduced visual attention to this slender pole, compared to lattice type structures.
* Custom tower pole dimension design requests are welcome.
* Weather resistant black flexible cable winch cover reduces snow, rain, soil & UV exposure.
*  Poles can be mounted onto trailers or framework of modular shelters, bungaloes & Conex shipping containers.