Dirty Jobs tower episode with Great Plains Towers crew in North Dakota

This TV program, “Radio Tower Top Hand”, first aired on February 7, 2011 on Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs.
Mike Rowe scours the country looking for unsung heroes who are willing to get dirty in their jobs. They seek the “hard-working men and women who earn an honest living doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible.”
Pilgrim Films production company thought a tower erection project was an ideal assignment that would appeal to their millions of viewers so they Googled & found Great Plains Towers, a family owned ND tower company.
In April of 2011 they filmed for two days near Dickinson ND on radar base hill, with Kevin Reski and one of his tower erection crews.
Kevin Reski, President & owner of Great Plains Towers and a former board member of NATE, had Rowe assist in jumping the gin pole, stacking the remaining sections of a 330′ tall guyed tower & installing an antenna in the cold wet wind, snow & rain for tower customer Stark County/Gary Kostelecky.  Rowe also gave a hand in attaching, pulling guy wires & attaching them to the anchors.


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